Innovelis BudFits Turn iPod Earphones Into Wrap-Around Cans

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If you’re an active sort who likes listening to music while you work out, or you’re like me and have trouble keeping those damn iPod earphones in your ears, then you might be interested in this clever gadget by Innovelis. Called BudFits, they are simple, lightweight frames that easily clip-on to your standard iPod buds and wrap around your ears like, well, wrap-around earphones.

BudFits are made of a soft, flexible rubber that grabs hold of your earbuds and positions them right in your ear (video below). The wrap-around design apparently molds to the shape of your ear and helps to keep the buds in place, even during manic episodes strenuous exercise.

Innovelis says that with the BudFits, you don’t need to wedge the buds in your ear, but in my experience with Apple’s earphones, you can’t hear anything (particularly bass) unless you force the buds down your ear canals. Perhaps this product would be best used in combination with the Acoustibuds Earphone Adapters we saw recently. That would provide additional grip, plus funnel sound directly to your drums.

All in all, the BudFits seem like a good little add-on, particularly if you’re thinking of buying the new iPod Shuffle, as the controls are on the earphone cord – so aren’t easily replaced. The customer reviews on Amazon look really promising and at $12.66, they sound like a good buy.

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