Cargonaut Flying Robot Concept Is Your Personal Air-Courier

Here’s a novel concept that manages to merge old tech with new, in a very exciting and beneficial way. Called the Cargonaut, it is essentially a flying robotic servant that will courier everything from letters, to luggage, to groceries across town for you to help lighten your load.

Designed by Matthias Schmiedbauer, the Cargonaut seems to be a modern take on the old courier pigeon method of message delivery. This high-tech version would naturally be more powerful to allow for heavier payloads like parcels to be hauled across town and if widely adopted, could possibly work out cheaper than using traditional mail services. Think about how much a stamp costs nowadays! If you owned one of these, how much do you think a bit of ‘leccy would set you back?

Of course, this little rotor-tailed aviator could do much more than mere mail delivery, potentially helping to free up room on subways around the world, as people transport luggage through the air instead. Now, if only you could use it to transport children, it would get rid of all those huge strollers on the Underground.

It seems like a grand idea and could be used as a tentative step forward towards flying cars. Hey, maybe we could repurpose all our old, unused chimneys as delivery chutes. Now that would be a future I’d like to see.

Coroflot via AutoMotto

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Looks cool, that design would never fly and probably wouldn’t even have enough lift to get itself off the ground let alone a package.

Also, there is no tail rotor to counteract the force on the main body applied by the main rotor which would leave the entire thing spinning out of control. The correct design would require two coaxial blades rotating in opposite directions to counter each blades rotational force, this would also provide more lift which might actually allow the thing to fly.

Thanks for pointing that out. As you suggested, a coaxial rotor design should fix the problem and it should work okay with the existing styling too.

so what! it’s a great idea anyway

I’m a little late for the responses however, I think two rotors are a given and these are obviously just concepts. However I would love to see this techonology come to life but what about security issues? Policing of the product and so forth Imagine all the drug dealers having their packages sent by cargonaut. Imagine someone delivering a sextoy and the delivery address gets fouled up. What about crashes carrying packages over people and they fall are they going to chalk it up to another day at the Psionic age office? That will probably mean the Robot will have to have safety devices installed like a parachute. So many things to consider. Whatever I don’t know they may have the answer to those questions. Leave it to the Germans and the Japanese if they engineer a product you can be sure of its quality.
I think its cool!

Probably won’t work. But…
Look at the page full of sketches. The sketch in the top left COULD work though!

Cool Flying Robot Concept

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