Movable Power Concept Plugs Flexibility Into Power-Strip Design

Power-strips are handy little devices, but they are by no means perfect. Their rigid shape often means having to rearrange furniture in order to work with their design limitations. Well, this concept by designer Jeff Carter aims to change all that. Called Movable Power, it is a friendly-looking power-strip that can be shaped to fit around furniture in a similar fashion to cabling.

This novel power-board design doesn’t seem as if it would be all that difficult to manufacture and would be very handy around the home. The only thing that could top this, is if each plug were somehow detachable – sometimes you need a number of plugs (like around a workstation) and others you don’t. If we could get these in modules, we could easily add or remove plugs as our requirements change.

Lets hope we start seeing products like this on the market soon – just like with the Flexicord shapable cables, they’re attractive, they’re innovative, so why not?

Yanko Design via Engadget

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Finally someone got it right! I have always thought that power strips were bulky and ugly. This one is much more functionable and much better looking.

Nice, yet this one is more flexible

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