LaCie USB Key Drives: Look Like Door Keys, Only Open Files.

It would seem that LaCie have taken the Key Drive moniker and really run with it, creating a range of flash drives that look much like regular door keys. These stylish, yet potentially confusing key drives include the jokingly named ItsaKey and IamaKey in capacities of up to 8GB, plus a PassKey which incorporates a Micro SDHC reader in the head.

All three key drives utilize USB 2.0 and come with a tough metal, nickel coated surface that should get you plenty of use…until you lose your set of keys that is.

Lacie claims its Key Drives are lightweight and get 30MB/s read and 10MB/s write speeds, with the IamaKey featuring a gold SIP water and scratch-resistant connector. Both the IamaKey and ItsaKey are available in either 4GB or 8GB capacities, with the PassKey limited only by the size the MicroSD card you insert into it.

Aside from the novelty value, the design of these drives seems like a really good idea. The metal enclosure should protect the drive from the elements better than plastic and would likely be less fragile. The drives will apparently be available for sale shortly, with prices ranging from $9.99 (£7) to $27.99 (£20) direct from LaCie.

LaCie via Register Hardware


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