Lego iBlock MP3 Player Is No Brick

Our love of Lego is a mysterious phenomenon and one that many love to display proudly. It is for these folk that this gadget will appeal to the most. Called the Lego iBlock Mini MP3 Player, it’s a tiny music player comparable to the iPod Shuffle – styled in the shape of a standard 2×4 Lego building block.

The iBlock player, like the Shuffle, does not include a display. Not to worry though, as you have full control of all the functions like play/pause, skip and volume via controls cleverly built into the connector studs.

This unique MP3 player includes earphones, a USB cable and a lanyard to wear it around your neck with geeky pride and will work on PC or Mac without additional software. File transfer and charging is performed over USB, as we’ve come to expect.

The Lego iBlock MP3 Player doesn’t come with any internal memory, so you’ll need a microSD card of up to 2GB to store your music on. The player doesn’t seem to be stateside just yet either, but is available from for £32.99 or for £29.99, in either black or white. Hardcore fans may even want to build themselves a Lego safe to keep it in.

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this looks good does itlive up to standred thou

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