Mercedes F-CELL: Old Meets New In Modern Horseless Carriage

In what is one hellofa training project, 150 students at Daimler AG have put together a concept car called the Mercedes F-CELL, which marries high-tech roadster engineering with the charm of early horseless carriages.

The F-CELL was inspired by the very first Benz motor car, which dates back to 1886, but is powered by a hybrid-drive system that apparently makes use of a modern, emission-free fuel cell.

Mercedes claims their joystick-controlled vehicle could be the car of the future, which, with a top speed of 15.5mph, really makes me hope they’re wrong. The car has a range of 220 miles and has apparently taken a year to progress through development to construction and finally, to completion.

The roadster incorporates drive-by-wire steering and carbon-fiber bucket seats with hand-stitched leather coverings – just as you’d expect from Mercedes. The design also features a fiberglass nose inspired by the F1 circuit and if that can’t make it go any faster, I doubt painting it red will help much either. Terrific eye-candy, but we all know hubless wheels are the future.

Daily Mail

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