Philips SBA1510/27 Laptop Speakers Amplify Your Audio In Style

Whether you listen to lots of music on-the-go, spend time gaming or watch movies when you’re traveling about, it’s good to have a pair of portable speakers handy. This neat set from Philips, called the SBA1510/27 series, is a convenient way to sever the headphone tether and do it in style.

The SBA1510/27’s are an elegantly designed, 50mm powered speaker set that is ideal for traveling. The left and right speakers detach from the amplifier base and can be spread apart for wide stereo sound. When you’re done, they reattach to form an easy-to-carry sphere that keeps the cables from getting tangled in your bag and also protects the speakers themselves from damage.

With a 100-18000Hz frequency response, 2x1W power output and 4 ohm impedance, they pack quite a punch for such a compact unit – and can be used with not only laptops but virtually any portable music player, just like with the compact XPod iPod speakers.

According to Philips, the SBA1510/27’s achieve turbo-charged bass-notes through their “Bass Pipe” feature and get around 20 hours of powered sound through the onboard batteries – which charge over USB.

This attractive speaker set goes for an attractive price too, just $18.85 at

Philips (PDF) and
Via: iTech News

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