Plug Mug: A “Hole” New Approach To Fight Office Cup Theft

Are you tired of your co-workers using, or even swiping your trusty coffee mug at the office? Well the people at SpinningHat feel your pain. They’ve come up with a genius solution called the Plug Mug, that will either deter mug theft, or punish unobservant looters.

The Plug Mug is simple in design, looking much like any regular coffee mug. The key to its brilliance lies in the prominent hole in the side, which requires the accompanying plug for the mug to be useable.

Simply attach the plug to your keychain and pop it in each time you’re in need of some java. Whilst you’re hard at work, your mug will be safely unusable to anyone but yourself…unless someone else in the office orders one or gets crafty with a cork.

The Plug Mug is available from either IWOOT or for £9.99 ($14).

Sources: and SpinningHat
Via: Technabob


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