Exmovere Chariot: Wearable Wheelchair Of The Future

If this is how the future looks, I’m excited. A company called Exmovere Holdings have come up with what seems to be a working prototype (video below) of a self-balancing, handsfree, motorized pod called the Chariot, that enables disabled people (and hopefully the rest of us too) the ability to get around effortlessly in an upright position.

The sensor-activated Chariot operates in a Segway-esque fashion, but has you harnessed inside the pod – which is sure to take some getting used to and time for trust to develop. No jumping off if the self-balancing system fails.

The benefits the Chariot would provide wheelchair-bound, mobility-impaired people are obvious, allowing them to get around with ease, but what about other applications? This could perhaps be the safest way to get home when you’re legless – or would that still count as drink driving? It does do 12mph you know.

Check out the video below to see the Chariot prototype in action. It’s quite captivating. When strapped into this wearable transportation device, the fully mobile man looks like a cross between Rosie from the Jetsons and an upright vacuum cleaner.

BusinessWire (Press Release) via LikeCool

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Is this in production anywhere. Great design!

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