Cloud Sofa: Floating Lounge Concept Will Put You On Cloud Nine

Did you ever watch the clouds as a kid and imagine resting peacefully on their soft fluffiness? Well, it certainly seems designer D.K. Wei did, as evidenced by this unique concept design called Cloud Sofa – which emulates that fantasy perfectly.

The Cloud Sofa looks like heaven for relaxing after a hard day of work and thanks to some magical magnetic levitation, hovers you peacefully in mid-air above its base. Of course there’s no mention of how it would maintain stability, or how the field would be isolated so that it doesn’t affect pacemakers, gadgets and the like. But still, pretty neat.


Comments (2 Responses):

I really enjoyed this post. I find myself putting a cloud sofa high on my personal wishlist!
Intelligent and informative without drowning the reader in hyperbole.

This is amazing…

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