Flip Video Intros All-New Ultra And UltraHD Camcorders

Flip Intros All-New Ultra And UltraHD Camcorders (White UltraHD)

Pure Digital today announced an updated version of their Flip Ultra slimline camcorder, as well as their new Flip UltraHD – which brings high-definition recording to the lineup. The models sport a fresh new design, a larger 2-inch display and double the memory (8GB) on the UltraHD, providing both players with enough storage for 2 hours of shooting time.

There is also a new AA battery pack (included on the UltraHD), that can extend HD shooting time by up to 3 hours. On the standard-def model, you can expect as much as 5 hours extra shooting – but the pack is an optional extra.

The new Flip Ultras still include the original 2x digital zoom and the distinctive swinging USB arm connector that adorn all of Flip Video’s models, including their smaller Mino and MinoHD camcorders.

The Flip UltraHD looks the better deal at $199.99, with the UltraSD coming in at a not significantly less $149. Like earlier models, both can be skinned in your own custom patterns and designs – if ordered directly through the Flip Store. If you don’t mind the standard black or white with a chrome trim, you can also grab them now at Amazon.com.

Flip Intros All-New Ultra And UltraHD Camcorders (Black UltraSD)

Flip Video (Press Release) via Electronista

Comments (4 Responses):

Your website looks really good. Being a blog writer myself, I really appreciate the time you took in writing this article.

As a new owner of the Flip mino HD I have a couple of observations. I’ve used the Flip both indoors and outdoors. It will “washout” in strong light. The zoom must be digital since the video looks much worse when zoomed and viewed full screen. I bought the device for $209 from B&H Photo in NYC mailorder (no tax or shipping charge). I love this device. It’s so small and people think I’m taking a still photo with my cell phone. I strike up a conversation with someone and then after I stop recording I play it back for them. They’re truly amazed. Cant wait to check out the Flip Slide HD!

This Flip Ultra camcorder is one of the best purchases I have ever made. Amazon is a GREAT resource, and this particular seller lived up to everything they advertised (which is a rarity these days)! Great product – great resource (Amazon), and great seller. Both thumbs up!!!

I think what makes these flips so awesome is their size/mobility and ease of use. You can flip it out of your pocket in an instant and mash one button and you’re recording. I recommend the Flip HD Camera.

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