Washable Keyboard Is Waterproof, Dishwasher-Safe.

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There are numerous gadgets out there that can help to keep your keyboard clean, but this has got to be the easiest solution by far. Called the Washable Keyboard, it can be thrown in the sink or even the dishwasher at the first sign of grubbiness – keeping your keys sparkling.

The Washable Keyboard will resist all those accidental coffee and soda spillages thanks to its Seal Shield waterproofing treatment – plus if you’re finicky about germs, the keyboard includes that mysterious silver-ion anti-bac coating that’s starting to pop up everywhere.

The Keyboard is said to be 100% waterproof, includes a gold USB connector, laser etched keys and will resist everything from booze to bleach. All you need now is a keyboard compartment in your dish rack. £39.95 ($58) at Firebox.

Firebox.com via Geeky-Gadgets

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