Joby Gorillapod: Flexible Camera Tripod Clings To Anything

If you often find yourself in precarious positions trying to capture that perfect photo, you’ll really appreciate this gadget. Called the Joby Gorillapod, it is a tripod that can contort itself in a seemingly limitless number of positions, to secure a strong foothold for your camera just about anywhere.


The Gorillapod features over two dozen, fully articulating ball-and-socket joints that each rotate 360-degrees – making for a tripod that is infinitely flexible. Bending and twisting its way to a stable shot, the Gorillapod will hug tree branches, fences, lampposts, furniture or just about any object or surface you can imagine, making timed group photos or steady low-light images a snap – wherever you may be.


The legs of the tripod are capped with big rubber feet to prevent slippage and with a weight of just 1.6oz (45g), you can throw one in your backpack or camera bag and be ready for when inspiration strikes. At $21.45 with 4.5 stars from a whopping 270 customer reviews over at, Joby’s Original Gorillapod is a sure bet.

For those with larger cameras, there are three other increasingly hardcore versions of the Gorillapod too. The “SLR” accommodates Single-Lens Reflex cameras ($39.95), The “SLR-ZOOM” balances SLRs equipped with heavy zoom lenses ($47.65) and the “Focus” which is designed for huge, professional studio gear ($99.15).

Whichever model you go for, you’re bound to leave people wondering just how you got those impossible angles. It’ll be our little secret.


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What a breath of fresh air to take the edge off after a horrible day. Great article that really gets the point across. Cant thank you enough for taking the time.

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