Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard Projects The Future

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Whether you’re in need of a full-size (yet compact) keyboard for your PDA or Smartphone, or simply want the coolest looking input device on the planet, you can’t go past this futuristic gadget called the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard.


Ready to project a full 63-key QWERTY keyboard onto any (non-reflective) flat surface, the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard will track your finger movements and wirelessly transmit these virtual keystrokes to your nearby laptop, PC, PDA or Smartphone. Magic.

Sporting a blood-red, red diode laser as its light source, you’ll get a 11.6″ (295mm) x 3.74″ (95mm) keyboard projection which is ideal for longer typing jobs on your portable devices. With a detection rate of up to 400 characters per minute, it will keep up with even the fastest typists among us – rapidly transmitting as far as 9 meters from your device. The unit includes simulated key-click sounds for feedback during use and its built-in lithium-ion battery is good for up to 120 minutes of solid typing, so you can use it on the go without needing to be tethered to a wall.

The Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard supports most major operating systems including PalmOS 5, PocketPC 2003, Windows Smartphone, Symbian, Windows 2000/XP and will also work on Mac OS X through its native Bluetooth support (albeit without drivers and thus, no settings options).

Measuring a mere 1.38″ (35mm) x 3.6″ (91.4mm) x 1″ (25.4mm), the Bluetooth Laser Virtual Keyboard is tirelessly tracking the dozens of digits over at ThinkGeek and is yours for $149.99.


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Where are you from? Is it a secret? 🙂
Have a nice day

Hey Zoran,
No, it’s not a secret. I’ve mentioned it in a few posts in fact.
I’m based in London. Though I could be just about anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.

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You say it simulates a click sound? Is it possible to remove it or customise it?


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