Sanctuary Charging Haven: Keeps Your Gadgets Charged And Ready

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The number of gadgets you use on a daily basis can really add up. A phone is essential, but then you find yourself using a Bluetooth headset, an iPod for the morning commute and a PDA to keep yourself organized. Keeping all of these gadgets charged can be, if you’ll pardon the pun, rather draining…until now. Introducing the Sanctuary Charging Haven, which promises to make it easy to keep your devices on-hand and fully-charged.


The Sanctuary Charging Haven comes from the BlueLounge gadget designers and is essentially an all-in-one dock, that sits neatly on your bedside table or office desk. This universal charger will accept over 1500 electronic devices from most major brands and includes a USB port to top-up hundreds, if not thousands of USB-chargable gadgets. The Sanctuary Charging Haven has achieved “Made for iPod” and “Works with iPhone” accreditation, so you can be sure of full compatibility with your iGadgets too.


To use the Sanctuary, simply find a good spot for it and plug it into a nearby wall socket. Underneath the reversible inner tray, you’ll find a clearly labeled array of connectors. Once you’ve selected the plugs you need, slot them into the cutouts in the tray and place it back into position. All that’s left to do is to insert the plugs into your gadgets and arrange them as you please. To see if all your gadgets are compatible, check out the full compatibility page.

The Sanctuary Charging Haven is available from ThinkGeek for a rejuvenating $119.99. For some natural indulgence, there’s a dark wood version also for $139.99.

BlueLounge and ThinkGeek

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This is going to be really popular. I want one and I will get one for lots of gifts.

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