USB Cellphone Booster: No More Dropped Calls

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Weak cellphone signals are the bane of modern life. We can put a man on the moon, yet somehow dependable wireless coverage – even in urban areas eludes us. Thankfully, this gadget called the USB Cellphone Booster is here to help, amplifying our 3G data card or cellphone signals by up to 3 bars.


The USB Cellphone Booster’s base unit simply plugs into your computer’s USB port and through its wired antenna, will improve all incoming and outgoing calls and data within a 5 foot radius. The unit only uses USB for power, so there’s no software to install and is compact and portable enough to take with you in your laptop case wherever you go.

This signal amplifier is ideal for use in places with lots of interference, in buildings with double glazing or maybe even to help render yourself impervious to cellphone-jamming devices. You get enough cable to stretch the wired antenna up to 15 feet away, which is handy since you’ll need to position it somewhere that gets at least some signal – like near a window.

The Booster will work with just about every US and Canadian carrier too (excludes iDEN phones from Nextel, Southern LINC and MiKE Canada), preventing dropped calls and improving call clarity from your existing handset.

Priced at $99.99, the USB Cellphone Booster is coming in loud and clear over at ThinkGeek – where service is always available.



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