Solio Magnesium: Universal Solar Hybrid Charger For Gadgets

There are plenty of solar chargers on the market, but few as powerful and well designed as this one called the Solio Magnesium Edition. This universal solar hybrid charger will charge just about any gadget you own and includes a battery for instant backup power wherever you are. The battery can be charged by either the sun’s rays, or via a wall socket when the weather’s less pleasant, making it a flexible and practical device for everyday use.


The Solio Magnesium Edition (Mg) is said to be the world’s most advanced hybrid charger and was designed with serious adventurers in mind, though it works just as well for urban eco-warriors too. Equipped with a strong and attractive magnesium-alloy shell, it features 3 pivoting arms fitted with photovoltaic panels and its high capacity battery will keep your gadgets charged as you charge through your day.


This hybrid charger can connect any device that uses a USB connector and is compatible with iGo Adapter Tips, which have just about all of the proprietary plugs covered. In the box you get a female USB adapter which is good for your iPod and iPhone, 5 x iGo connectors for Motorola, LG, Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry handset compatibility, a hemp pouch as well as a Universal wall adapter kit. A branded pencil is also included which is intended for use as a makeshift stand – by inserting it through the hole in the charger’s pivot joint.

The 3.7V 1800mAh battery has the capacity when full to charge a typical cellphone twice over. Solio claims the panels will collect enough energy in 1 hour of (direct) sunlight to power you through 20 mins of talk time or around 50 mins of MP3 playback.

The Solio Magnesium Edition measures 4.72″ (120mm) x 2.55″ (65mm) x 1.34″ (34mm) and is just begging to be released from the darkness of its recycled cardboard confines over at Good looking. Hard working. $169.95.


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I’ve been using the solio for travel purposes and I must say I have never had a product which is as easy to use, effective and reliable as this charger. I can recommend it to everyone who wants to keep their small appliances charged wherever they are

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