Lego USB Hubs Add Color To Your Desktop

Lego USB Hubs Add Color To Your Desktop

There are plenty of drab-looking USB hubs on the market, but if you’re after something a little more colorful and fun – these little Lego USB Hubs from Systown are a must.

Particularly ideal for hooking-up your Lego Brick Memory Stick or Lego iBlock MP3 Player, these Lego USB Hubs will equip you with ports-a-plenty for connecting all your other USB gadgets too.

Each brick comes with 4 ports and are available in your choice of either red, yellow, blue or black. Unfortunately, these unofficial Lego hubs look like they’re only available in Korea at the moment ($12 at DCX), but if we all click together and scream and shout politely ask local stores to order them in, we may just move mountains…of stock.

Lego USB Hubs Add Color To Your Desktop

DCX via Technabob and Geeky-Gadgets

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how can we can get this product in iran and actully in tabriz?


If you know of any gadget stores/sites that deliver to your area, try asking them to order the product in for you. I did a bit of searching but could not find anything helpful, I’m afraid. Best of luck.

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