Star Trek Original Series Tricorder Props Up Your Role-Play

Star Trek Original Series Tricorder Props Up Your Role-Play

The dream gadget of every truly analytical geek has arrived and is now available on preorder…well an authentic role-play replica at least. That gadget would be…you guessed it…the Star Trek Original Series Tricorder.

Following on from earlier releases – the Star Trek Original Series Phaser and Communicator, the Tricorder comes in a black finish accented with silver highlights and includes the removable scanner accessory essential for performing an accurate realistic scan.

Complete with Classic Series light and audio effects like the click-on sound, scan-sound, beeps and Spockisms, the ST-TOS Tricorder is perfect for your next blow your geeky friends away mission and is available now from for $49.99.

WARNING: Keep out of reach of children trendy young things who may think it’s a cool retro phone or something.

Sources: via Coolest Gadgets and Retro Thing

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Do you post to the Uk? and if so how much would the postage be?

Hi Aaron, the Original Series Tricorder is also available at currently priced at £36.99 with £4.53 shipping.

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