Martin Jetpack Looks Like A Blast, Yours For $100,000.

Martin Jetpack Looks Like A Blast, Yours For $100,000.

If you’re just itching to get your feet off the ground, but haven’t the patience or the money for a personal flying car, there is another option. Thanks to the Martin Jetpack, you could be soaring through the skies (a la Jet Man) as soon as late 2009 for no more than the cost of a luxury car (video below).

Capable of speeds of up to 63mph, the Martin Jetpack will get you around 30 minutes of flying time from just 5 US gallons of premium gasoline and the best bit, you don’t even need a pilots license to fly one (though the company will provide some training).

I can tell you – if I had a lazy $100K, I’d sooner jump at buying one of these than some pricey ‘leccy car.

Martin Jetpack via LikeCool


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