Skybike Turns Cycling Completely On Its Head

Skybike: Turns Cycling Completely On Its Head

It won’t win you an endurance marathon (thanks to all the blood rushing to your head), but this unique contraption called the Skybike will certainly get you some attention. Created by a student at NYU, the Skybike seats the rider upside-down in order to create the illusion of riding in the clouds.

Resembling the A-Frame design of the STRiDA MAS, the Skybike straps the rider in at a 45-degree angle on the underbelly of the frame – which was made by hand from scraps of metal found on NYC streets.

“In a period where our basic needs are met, perhaps we need to satisfy more abstract, unusual and different needs.”

Unusual and different needs? Read: upskirt kink. Everything has a dark side.

Check out the videos below to see the Skybike in action. The first right-way-up, the second – you guessed it – upside-down.

Via: Gizmodo

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I usually don’t leave comments but I like this show soo much! I bookmarked your site on reddit!

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