Amazon’s Kindle 2 Price Slashed To $299

Amazon's Kindle 2 Price Slashed To $299

Amazon today made an unexpected announcement of a large price cut on their 6-inch Kindle 2 ebook reader which launched back in February. Previously priced at $359, the 6-inch Kindle can be picked up for $299 effective immediately.

The Kindle 2 ebook reader is as thin as most magazines, lighter than most paperbacks and features free 3G access for downloading books, magazines, newspapers and blogs. It can store over 1,500 books and thanks to its built-in text-to-speech function, can read them all to you when your eyes are tied up elsewhere – like when driving.

No explanation has been given for the large drop in price and is surprising given the device’s popularity. The price of the larger Kindle DX remains unchanged at $489.



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