Muvi Micro Camcorder Is Tiny, Voice Activated.

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Muvi Micro Camcorder Is Tiny, Voice Activated.

The Muvi Micro Camcorder is a tiny, voice activated, USB-chargeable video recorder that is quite possibly the smallest in the world (video below). Ready to capture spontaneous action shots wherever you go, the Muvi measures a mere 2.17″ (5.5cm) x 0.79″ (2cm) x 0.79″ (2cm) and can even be used as a handy webcam.

Shooting VGA quality 640×480 video – the same as the popular and comparatively large Flip Mino and Ultra camcorders – the Muvi Micro includes a 2GB microSD card and can handle cards up to 8GB for heavy shooting without reloads.

With a VOX mode that lets you start and stop recording with your voice and a metal casing to take all your knocks, the Muvi Micro Camcorder is ready to roll over at for $128 | £79.95 | €92


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hi there like that camra becuase it is soo small and light wait you could take it on a moon or mars mission

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