Sonos CR200 Touchscreen Multi-Room Music Controller Launches

Sonos CR200 Touchscreen Multi-Room Music Controller

The wireless music system maestros at Sonos yesterday announced their state-of-the-art CR200 Music System Controller which features an ultra-responsive, capacitive touchscreen display – making it easy (and fun) to select your tunes and control playback in any room of the house.

The Sonos CR200 doesn’t just help you select your own music, but also offers up all that Internet radio has to offer – giving you “Instant-On” access to over 25,000 global radio stations through its easily navigable touchscreen interface. The wireless Sonos controller even gives you access to metadata for onscreen artist info and cover art (video below).

Sporting a 3.5-inch (640 x 480 pixel) LCD, the CR200 is designed to be a social device for your household – much akin to an advanced remote control for the TV or stereo. The dedicated music controller also includes quick-access buttons below the display for controlling mute, volume and on/off functions that you may need in a hurry.

The device comes bundled with the Sonos Dock / Charging Cradle and thanks to a battery life of around five days, you won’t have to worry about your family or housemates leaving it laying around off-charge as they do with cordless phones.

With an attractive, anodized, precision machined aluminum casing, the Sonos CR200 Multi-room Music System Controller is available now on pre-order from for $349.00.

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