Joby Gorillamobile Attaches Your Gadgets To Almost Anything

Joby Gorillamobile [As Desktop Stand]

Joby, makers of those fantastic, contorting Gorillapod tripods we’ve seen previously have announced a new product called the Gorillamobile, that will help you cling your phone, MP3 player, PDA, pocket camcorder, SatNav and the like to just about anything.

The Gorillamobile can be used simply as a useful desktop stand for your iPhone, iPod Touch or other large-screened devices whilst watching movies at home. Whilst out and about however, it will bend and twist to secure your portable devices to such things as bicycles, treadmills and strollers (as shown on their site) and would be particularly useful for long car, bus or train trips to save you holding your device in your lap the whole trip.

The Gorillamobile kit includes a suction cup and various adhesive clips for securing numerous different portable gadgets, holds up to 11.5oz (325g) and should begin shipping come August 10 for $29.95 | £24.95.

Does anyone else read that as Gorillamobiile? Scary thought.

Joby Gorillamobile [Standing Around]

Joby via Engadget


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