Star Trek TOS Type-1 Phaser Kit Will Fire Up Your Glue Gun

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Star Trek Hero Prop Type-1 Phaser Kit [Body Beautiful]

The Star Trek TOS Type 1 Phaser Kit is a build-it-yourself replica designed by ST prop expert John Long. Featuring all the same materials, functions and electronics as the actual studio filming prop, this limited edition gem will get you PEW PEW-ing nonexistent nemeses in no time…once you’ve put your prop-maker hat on for a bit.

The Star Trek TOS Type 1 Phaser Kit is a re-creation of the original Hero-version prop (the ones used for close-ups) and features parts that were molded directly for absolute accuracy.

Made of a hand-laminated fiberglass body and including a certificate of authenticity, the Star Trek Type-1 Hero Version Phaser will go nicely with your Original Series Tricorder and is available now over at ThinkGeek for $199.99. Best move at light-speed though as only 2,800 of these kits were ever made.

Star Trek Hero Prop Type-1 Phaser Kit [Original Inside]


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