Spycam Video Sunglasses Disguise Your Gear, Face, Agenda.

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Spycam Video Sunglasses Disguise Your Face, Gear & Agenda [The Name's Bond]

A pair of Spycam Video Sunglasses are a must have for anyone who takes their covert filming seriously. With these new and fairly regular-looking pair of shades, you’ll be able to easily move amongst your friends, workmates or an unsuspecting crowdrecording every move without detection.

Featuring easy-to-use controls right on the frame and a 3-4 hour battery life, these Spycam Sunglasses will record decent-quality 640 x 480 AVI format video to an included 4GB MicroSD memory card (8GB max) for later use (video below).

Rechargeable over USB and including an AC adapter, manual, carry case, cleaning cloth and USB cable – you can pick up a pair of these Spycam Video Glasses for $149.99 from ThinkGeek. You’ll have to be quick though. Once the word gets out, people might become suspicious of you wearing sunglasses inside…if they’re not already.

Spycam Video Sunglasses Disguise Your Face, Gear & Agenda [All Angles]


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So very true, thanks for the post and have a happy holiday!

Awesome! I’m still waiting for mine in the mail!

Precisely why do google not rank on the basis of top quality. You ought to be about the top.

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