WoodStation Timber Weather Clock Beams Your Forecast

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WoodStation Timber Weather Clock Beams Your Forecast [In Maple and Walnut]

The WoodStation Weather Clock is a clever bedside timepiece that not only beams the time and weather forecast through its timber construction, but thanks to a built-in motion sensor – won’t disturb you with bright lights at night…until you give it a wave.

Making a good alternative to the Wake To Weather Alarm Clock we saw recently, the WoodStation’s hidden-until-lit display seems to work in a similar fashion to those beginning to appear on clamshell cellphones and is viewable even in direct sunlight.

Displaying indoor humidity and temperature readings, easy to interpret weather forecast icons, as well as time, date (US style) and alarm status – the WoodStation also comes with a 2-year warranty and will run on either mains or battery power (if you want to hang it up on a wall).

The WoodStation Timber Weather Forecaster is available now in either maple or walnut (to match your timber furniture) over at Firebox.com for $147 | £90 | €104

WoodStation Timber Weather Clock Beams Your Forecast [Weather Icons]

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