Windows 7 Pre-Order Sale Hits UK Tonight

Windows 7 Pre-Order Sale Hits UK Midnight Tonight

Microsoft’s eagerly awaited Windows 7 Operating System will be available for pre-order in the UK come midnight tonight, with limited discount prices for those that get in early.

This European version, called Windows 7 E will ship on October 22nd and will come without the company’s latest IE 8 web browser in a move to appease European competition officials. The latest incarnation of their Windows OS will include however, the much anticipated touchscreen gesturing abilities built-in – though you’ll need a touchscreen display in order to take advantage of them.

Microsoft’s Windows 7 E will also require a clean install (no updates this time ’round) so you’ll want to back everything up (including your browser) before installing it.

Available from midnight tonight (12:01am to be precise) at, the new OS will come in three versions: Windows 7 Home Premium (£49.99), Windows 7 Professional (£99.99) and Windows 7 Ultimate – which doesn’t appear to be eligible for the discounts and should retail for around £229.

Microsoft Windows 7 Pre-Order Offer and
Thanks to Rob and Joe for the tip.

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