Hogwash Pressure Washer Cleans Up Without Electricity

Hogwash Pressure Washer Cleans Up Without Electricity

Pressure washers are fantastic for cleaning your car, bike or paved areas around your home and are highly effective, use little water and get the job done in no time. The biggest drawback is that they’re usually mains-powered, which limits the washer’s reach and leaves you in a tangle of power cords. This clever cleaner however – called the Hogwash Pressure Washer – is non-electric, so it can go anywhere you do. No muss, no fuss.

The Hogwash incorporates a hand-pumping mechanism that – with a bit of elbow grease – will pressurize its tank enough to blast out a jet of water at up to 45psi. The 5-liter tank is fully insulated too, so you can fill it up with hot water and it will keep it that way for hours.

Ideal for camping, boating, caravanning or anywhere you may not have a ready supply of electricity – the Hogwash cleaner is more effective than a bucket and sponge, yet just as portable. It would also be great for cleaning your car in urban environments when someone has swiped your space out front.

The Hogwash Pressure Washer only seems to be available in the UK at the moment, but if that’s you – blast on over to Expert Verdict who stock these convenient cleaners for £69.95.

Expert Verdict

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