Kensington Intros iPhone/iPod Charging Dock With Mini Battery Pack

Kensington iPhone/iPod Charging Dock With Mini Battery Pack

Following on from their Nightstand iPhone Dock we saw recently, Kensington today announced their lengthily-named Charging Dock With Mini Battery Pack solution for people who need more juice from their iPhone or iPod.

This dock is a little different from most Made for iPod charging stations, supplying you with a backup battery for extended play when you’re out-and-about, plus a dock that will charge both the backup battery and your iPod or iPhone at the same time – over one USB cable.

If you’re a heavy user, you can also leave the battery attached to your iGadget and using the pack’s detachable USB charging and syncing cable – charge both the external and internal batteries simultaneously from either a wall socket or a single USB port (see image above).

The Mini Battery Pack will get you an extra 30 hours of tunes, 6 hours of video and 3 hours of talk time and the kit is compatible with virtually all iPhone and iPod models – though there’s no mention of Shuffle or 3GS compatibility.

Kensington’s Charging Dock With Mini Battery Pack is available now on pre-order from for $69.99 and will begin shipping in late October.

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