SelfCharge Auto Jumper: Start Your Car Without Lifting The Hood

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SelfCharge Auto Jumper Starts Your Car Without Lifting The Hood

A flat car battery can be a real headache, especially if you’re caught in the middle of nowhere. With this device, called the Self-Charge Auto Jumper, you can put an end to expensive call-outs or flagging down other motorists for a jump-start and get yourself up and running in 10 minutes flat – without even lifting the hood.

To use this portable power device, simply charge it for 12 hours at home with the included AC adapter, then should the worst happen, just plug it into your cigarette lighter socket to give your car’s battery a boost. After 10 minutes, hit the ignition and you’ll be all ready to drive away. No grease, no sparks, no worries (video below).

Including a 12V DC input, you can also use the SelfCharge to recharge your cell phone, PDA, Sat Nav or alternatively, use it for some portable laptop power when on the road. If you ever have to replace your car’s battery entirely, this device will also conveniently preserve all your car’s dashboard settings including radio stations and the time and date.

Keep in mind that the SelfCharge will NOT charge a DEAD battery and does not technically “jump-start” your car, but allows it to start normally after a rapid partial recharge. Also, it is recommended that you whip out the device once a month and give it a good charge to make sure it’s full and ready when you need it. Apart from that, the SelfCharge Auto Jumper seems like a very useful spot of backup power and is available now from Vat19 for $44.95.



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