SleepMate 980A White Noise Sound Conditioner Helps You Sleep In The City

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SleepMate 980A White Noise Sound Conditioner Helps You Sleep In The City

Urban living has innumerable advantages, but it sure can mess with your sleep. From noisy neighbors to the ceaseless city sounds, it can be difficult to get to sleep at all – let alone achieve a deep sleep. This product, called the SleepMate 980A White Noise Sound Conditioner, helps improve your slumber by masking unwanted sounds – leading to a more restful and undisturbed sleep.

The SleepMate is a white noise machine that emits a smooth, consistent sound much akin to rushing air (video below). This is much more effective for sleep than sounds such as nature recordings, which while certainly peaceful and relaxing, include too many attention-grabbing nuances that distract you from your sleep.

If you’ve ever used a quiet-running fan on high-speed at night, you’ll know how effective the sound of rushing air can be at masking noises. The problem with this method however, is that it draws quite a lot of power (not economical for regular use) – plus the real wind it generates is simply too cold for use in winter (or even just on chilly nights). The SleepMate overcomes these problems by only emitting the sound of rushing air and provides a lot more flexibility in regards to the tone and volume – enabling you to find the perfect setting for your sleeping arrangement and personal preferences.

Also ideal for night-shift workers for sleep during the day, noisy work environments for better concentration, or when having confidential conversations in not so private office cubicles – the SleepMate 980A White Noise Sound Conditioner is available now from Vat19 for $49.95.


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I have this one and it is awesome. My oldest slept with ocean waves sounds for a long time and it got where he was sort of addicted to needing “that” sound. I replaced the waves with this and bought these for my twins as well. It just sounds like a fan, so no specific sound to hear.

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