Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Announced With 120GB HDD, Lighter Price.

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim [Top With Controller]

Sony yesterday announced a new slimmer and lighter version of their PlayStation 3 gaming console, which will come fitted with a larger and easily upgradable 120GB HDD. The thinner, shorter and lighter unit – known as the PS3 Slim – also features a slimmed down price tag, losing a hundred dollars to come in at an attractive $299.99.

With a new textured look, the PS3 Slim comes fitted with near-identical hardware as the model it is replacing, save for the new 120GB HDD – which offers twice the storage space over its predecessor. To achieve the new 32-percent smaller and 36-percent lighter footprint, the internals of the Slim have been completely redesigned and thanks to a 34-percent lower power consumption, the new model now also runs cooler and quieter.

The new PS3 doesn’t include a stand like the previous model, but Sony will be selling them for $24 if you just have to go vertical. The hard drive can be replaced/upgraded without voiding the warranty in a new simplified process – simply remove two screws and slide the drive out from the front.

The system includes a free PlayStation Network membership, built-in WiFi, Blu-ray player, a single Dual Shock controller and USB cable for charging it, plus a composite AV cable and AC power adapter are in the box.

The new PS3 Slim is available now on pre-order from for $299.99 and can also be picked up from for £249.99. Shipping will commence on September 1, 2009.

Sony PlayStation 3 Slim [Front, Back, Side]

Sony PSN (Press Release) and
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I just bought a slim PS3 and traded in my older version. I must say it is a lot quiter than its predecessor, and it only cost me £10 after trade in! Mind you I did down size the hard drive
to 80GB :/. Meh, I’ll never need the space anyway haha. Cheers.

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