Ectaco iTravl Multilingual Communicator Makes Foreign Translation Easy

Ectaco iTravl Multilingual Communicator

If you’re planning a trip to a foreign country, you could fumble around with a limited phrase-book, or you could pick up an Ectaco iTravl Multilingual Communicator and leave the locals speechless.

Featuring speech recognition, human voice narration and speech synthesis technologies – you simply speak a phrase into the iTravl and it will instantly read back an audible translation in whichever language you choose. It can also be used in reverse to understand someone speaking to you, making foreign language conversations easier and less nerve-wracking.

Incorporating a high-resolution touchscreen display and hands-free speech navigation, this Multilingual Communicator is not quite up to the standards of Star Trek’s Universal Translator, but can handle all the English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Chinese translations you require on demand.

You’ll always get a better reaction from the locals when you at least make an attempt to learn and speak their language, so the iTravl Translator includes a built-in Language Teacher system and five linguistic games for you to pick up the basics fast. There’s also a built-in copy of Fodor’s Travel Guides, to help you choose a great hotel or restaurant and to provide information on attractions for 50 major destinations over five continents.

Also equipped with travel audio books and the CIA World Factbook, the Ectaco iTravl will help you learn more about your destination and even keep you entertained, playing MP3 music files so you can relax in your downtime or whilst in transit.

Measuring just 6″ (15.2cm) x 3.15″ (8cm) x 0.63″ (1.6cm) and with a weight of just 10oz (284g), the Ectaco iTravl Multilingual Communicator and Dictionary is smaller and lighter than most phrase-books, a lot more flexible and is available now, direct from for $689.95. Just don’t forget to carry some spare batteries.

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