USB Drink Warmer With 4-Port Hub Recharges Your Coffee, Gadgets.

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USB Drink Warmer With 4-Port USB Hub

If you’re frequently called away from your desk, leaving your freshly-brewed coffee progressing from hot to tepid to undrinkable – this multi-function gadget is here to make your workdays a little more bearable (especially with winter fast approaching). Called the USB Drink Warmer With 4-Port USB Hub, it will keep your beverages nice and toasty while you’re busy elsewhere, plus gives you 3 spare USB 2.0 ports to plug in your other gadgets right on your desktop.

Heating from 122 -140 degrees Fahrenheit, the USB Drink Warmer includes a blue-backlit LCD display to keep you informed of such things as the current time and hot-plate temperature and also includes an alarm – to help ensure you’re not late for lunch important meetings.

Also good for warming your hands (or soup) on chilly workdays, the USB Drink Warmer With 4-Port Hub plugs in to any available USB port with its 5ft cord, requires no software or drivers and is available now over at Vat19 for a very palatable $16.95.


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