No Mess Bacon Cooker Makes Any Time Bacon Time

No Mess Bacon Cooker

There’s no doubt about it, bacon is delicious. But cooking it is a rather messy and time-consuming affair best reserved for the weekend. Well, with this clever gadget called the No Mess Bacon Cooker, you can enjoy bacon whenever you like – without having to worry about cleaning up the greasy mess, or airing the kitchen.

Designed for use in the microwave (seriously, don’t put this on the grill), the No Mess Bacon Cooker grabs hold of your rashers under its lid and dangles them vertically inside its container (like toast in a toaster), allowing the fat to not only drain completely for crispier bacon, but collect in the base for easy disposal. No more messing about with grease-filled paper towels. Ick.

Also helping minimize bacon smell in the microwave and kitchen, the No Mess Bacon Cooker is dishwasher safe for simple cleaning and is available now over at Taylor Gifts for $19.98. Here piggy, piggy. Mr P. Banks that is. I don’t literally bring home the bacon…unless its wrapped in plastic.

Taylor Gifts

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I have never seen this type of hardware before. I am very glad to know that now i can enjoy bacon any time so easily. Isn’t it amazing? Thank you so much for sharing such a nice information.

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