NeoCube Alpha Magnetic Puzzle Is Addictive Ball Bearing Fun

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NeoCube Alpha Magnetic Puzzle

If you like your puzzles creatively stimulating – this captivating, unputdownable game is sure to let your artistic side run wild. Called the NeoCube Alpha, it consists of 216 metal ball bearings that string together magnetically to form just about any shape imaginable.

Unlike other frustrating puzzles out there that require logic, strategy and coordination to solve (such as the Rubik’s Cube), the NeoCube Alpha is pure play – providing moments of stress-relief during hectic work days.

The ball bearings have two poles like regular magnets (one side repels, the other attracts) enabling you to connect and build just about anything from pyramids to bracelets or strange kooky shapes and designs (like those sketch-pad drawings that manifest themselves while you’re on the phone).

The NeoCube Alpha magnetic puzzle is available now from IWOOT for £19.99 | $33 | €22 and for an idea of just how addictive it is – be sure to check out the mesmerizing videos below.

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on the begining it is sometime difficulty how to start and make some sphere, if you looking for some instructions you can have a look

In the States you can find these in different sizes and colors from they also do a lot on education.

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