Vinturi Wine Aerator Provides Superb Tasting Red In An Instant

Vinturi Wine Aerator

Wine is always best left to breathe in order to enjoy it fully, but lack of time, patience and self-restraint often works against us. Now, thanks to this well regarded gadget called the Vinturi Wine Aerator, you can have your wine (and drink it too) – properly aerated in an instant.

Saving you the task of decanting your wine before a drink, the Vinturi Wine Aerator oxygenates your red as you pour your wine through it, allowing more surface area to come into contact with the air than other methods and doing so on demand.

Ideal for (civilized) parties or busy schedules that don’t leave much time for relaxation, the Vinturi Wine Aerator is said to improve wines of any quality – awakening flavors and aromas and removing bitter aftertastes – for an more enjoyable glass at the end of the day.

Including a table stand and carry pouch to prevent it getting dusty between drinks, the Vinturi Wine Aerator has garnered a case-load of enthusiastic reviews over at I Want One Of Those where it’s available now for £39.99 | $67 | €44.

I Want One Of Those


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