The Inkless Metal Pen

The Inkless Metal Pen

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The Inkless Metal Pen features solid metal, permanent-marking "ink" that will never leak or smudge and lasts a lifetime without refills or sharpening.

If you’re tired of graphite smudges and ink runs staining your drawings, letters, hands and clothing, this distinctive doodler called the Inkless Metal Pen is the solution – as its solid-metal, permanent-marking “ink” will never leak or smudge.

Depositing miniscule amounts of patented silvery alloy on your page as you work, the Inkless Metal Pen never needs sharpening (ne’er a dull moment) and permanently marks most writing surfaces on contact except skin and fabric.

Lasting a lifetime without refills, the Inkless Metal Pen has yet more tricks up it’s tough, rust-proof 6.25-inch long anodized aluminum barrel – including the ability to write on glossy paper, upside down and even underwater and is available now from for $27.95. Neat!

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Price: $27.95
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