WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON November 15, 2010

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case Provides Touch-Typing Efficiency On-The-Go

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case

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The iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case includes an angled stand and Bluetooth keyboard to help you touch-type professional emails and documents on-the-go.

If your hunt-and-peck iPad emails are reading more and more like text message gibberish, this ‘pad protector is on the case – folding out to provide a keyboad-equipped workstation for efficient touch-typing on-the-go. Called the iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case, it transforms your iPad into a netbook-like notation station thanks to its angled stand, Bluetooth keyboard and wrist pad – letting you type up professional emails and documents FAST. In, or out of the office.

Also folding over so you can continue to enjoy your iPad’s regular one-handed operation, the stylish iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case is made of soft leather, closes with a magnetic clasp, includes its own lithium-ion battery for 90 hours of continuous use, still weighs-in lighter (iPad and case combined) than the 13-inch MacBook Air and is available now from ThinkGeek for $59.99. Multifunctional? App-solutely!

Where can I buy it?
Store: ThinkGeek
Price: $59.99
Buy Now at ThinkGeek

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