WRITTEN BY Mark Jeldi ON December 13, 2010

Log And Squirrel Plant Pot Makes Squizzing Water Levels Easy And Fun

Log And Squirrel Plant Pot

Log And Squirrel Plant Pot

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The Log And Squirrel Plant Pot is a log-shaped planter with a small floating squirrel that gradually disappears from view as the reservoir gets low on water.

Mr Squirrel? Where did you go? Are you sinking again? *topping up reservoir* Aww, there he is! He sooo cuuuute…

If you’ve ever invested in a self-watering pot, there’s a good chance your plants still died from running the reservoir dry more often than not. It’s not your fault of course, it’s just that keeping an eye on a freaking water line is about as interesting as watching grass grow (read: not interesting enough to remember to do).

This nutty solution (get it? squirrel in water) called the Log And Squirrel Plant Pot, solves the problem by indicating your current water level with irresistible cuteness you’ll want need to have a squiz at everyday. Me? I wanna magic up a wicked OZ-themed version. Imagine that! “I’m melting. MELLLTING”…is what Dorothy would say. You know, cos she’s annoying. Don’t worry Toto, we’re cool. But only cos you remind me of my favorite Monopoly piece. $31 | £20 | €24 at Firebox.com.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Firebox.com
Price: $31 | £20 | €24
Buy Now at Firebox.com
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Oh, the squirrel!! He’s so cute! I want to get him for someone but I don’t know who yet…

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