WRITTEN BY Marty Shaw ON January 31, 2011

Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote Lets You Become a Wizard

Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote

Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote

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The Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote lets you control up to 13 different devices with just a flick of the wrist or a wave of the hand. The Power is Yours!

Abracadabra Presto Chango! Saving the world and defeating bad guys might sound cool, but everyone knows the best use of magic allows you to flip through channels without getting off the couch or fumbling around with a bazillion buttons.

The Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote lets you impress your friends with a swish and flick, without having to mess with years of school or a dark, sinister professor. Just use your current remote controls to ‘train’ your wand and you’ll be good to go, changing channels with an expert flick and controlling the volume with a turn of your wrist.

The wand can learn up to 13 functions and will work with just about anything in the house that can be controlled with a remote. Unfortunately, the wand does not work on children, spouses or pets at this time.

Forget the kid with the scar on his forehead. $89.99 at ThinkGeek makes you the king wizard of your castle.

Where can I buy it?
Store: ThinkGeek
Price: $89.99
Buy Now at ThinkGeek
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