WRITTEN BY Marty Shaw ON February 23, 2011

Millenterprise Falcon T-Shirt Doesn’t Make You Choose Sides

Millenterprise Falcon T-Shirt

Millenterprise Falcon T-Shirt

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The Millenterprise Falcon T-Shirt lets you show allegiance to both Star Trek & Star Wars sci-fi icons simultaneously in style. 21 different colors. SM to XXXL.

It’s the eternal battle. Star Wars or Star Trek? Captain Kirk or Han Solo? What if you happen to be a super-geek sci-fi aficionado and enjoy both? The Millenterprise Falcon T-Shirt lets you have the best of both worlds, as two galaxies collide in one amazing piece of artwork.

The shirt doesn’t do anything techie, but it looks good doing it – ummm… not doing it – and comes in a classic style, v-neck, long-sleeve, girly-fitted, or you can skip the ‘T’ altogether and get the Millenterprise Falcon on a hoodie. Sizes range from Small to XXXLarge, and you can choose from twenty-one different colors.

Agonize no more over the Trek/Wars debate. Get this great sci-fi mashup for $23.94 and let everyone know you’re siding with the guys who can take on both the Imperial Star Destroyers and the Borg… at the same time.

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Where can I buy it?
Store: Red Bubble
Price: $23.94
Buy Now at Red Bubble

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