WRITTEN BY Marty Shaw ON February 24, 2011

LavNav Provides Gentle Guidance for the Nighttime



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LavNav lets you avoid harsh light at night by using a soft glow to guide you to your destination. Green goes red when the seat is up so even the Mrs. is happy.

It’s the crack of dawn, and Mother Nature calls. We’ve all been there…

The LavNav protects your delicate peepers from the harsh experience of a 50+ watt bulb blinding you during those nocturnal visits to the porcelain throne.

Use the supplied sticky pads to slap the LavNav to the inside of your toilet lid and you’re good to go. When you wander into the dark bathroom, the motion sensor activates a soft light that keeps you on target, and then turns off once you’ve headed back to bed.

It’ll even keep the missus happy as it switches to red when the lid is up, providing you with a gentle reminder to put the seat back down and keep the peace. Simple, really. Green means…GO! “Wait, by GO do you mean urinate, or exit?” What I mean is…I hope they’re not your only options next time you hit an intersection.

Get the LavNav for £19.99 and you won’t even have to wake up all the way when you go see a man about a dog.

Where can I buy it?
Store: IWOOT
Price: £19.99
Buy Now at IWOOT

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