WRITTEN BY Sam Addison ON February 24, 2011

Nomad Brush Turns your iPad into an iCanvas

The Nomad Brush

The Nomad Brush

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The Nomad Brush brings traditional art to the iPad with conductive bristles that simulate painting on real canvas.

Hand-painting has always been awkward on digital devices, and the interfaces have never quite matched the intimacy of the paintbrush. Even on the canvas-like iPad, using your finger or a stylus to paint is clumsy and brutal compared to a good old-fashioned brush and paper. But get this, grandpa: the Nomad Brush is here to push analogue painting right out of the picture, once and for all.

Okay, so perhaps it does just look like a regular paintbrush. And by all means, go try using an ordinary brush on your touch-screen. Once you’re done dusting your display, come and try the Nomad Brush

You see, what sets this brush apart are its highly conductive bristles, which interact with the touch screen with extreme precision – keeping the artist in full control. Plus, it requires no power, no cleaning and won’t lose its bristles in your painting. Progress!

The Nomad Brush works well with a variety of existing painting apps, and not only works on the iPad, but is compatible with Android and Galaxy devices too. Fickle artists can rest at ease(l), knowing they have a canvas to paint on whatever platform they prefer.

Artistic freedom with the Nomad Brush is yours for just $24.

Via: Red Ferret

Where can I buy it?
Store: NomadBrush.com
Price: $24.00
Buy Now at NomadBrush.com

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