WRITTEN BY Marty Shaw ON February 5, 2011

TeleZapper TZ 900 Zaps Telemarketers To Help Take Back Your Time

The TeleZapper TZ 900

The TeleZapper TZ 900

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Enjoy more time with your family as telemarketers remove you from their call list as the TeleZapper TZ 900 tells them your number is disconnected.

The TeleZapper TZ 900 is like a sequel to the classic Telezapper; one of those good sequels and not a crappy one like Friday the 13th Part XXXVII. The new and improved TZ 900 is slimmer, has a built-in battery and an advanced three-tone mode, but one thing remains the same as the original – it kicks telemarketers in the ass tricks telemarketers into believing your number is disconnected.

Many telemarketers use computer systems that auto-dial phone numbers for them. This allows them to call a lot of people and interrupt as many family meals as they possibly can. The TZ 900 tells the computer system the number is disconnected and most systems then drop the number from the calling list. Watch the number of irritating telemarketing calls go down as more and more of the scum of the earth telemarketers come to believe your number is not a working number. Plus, one TZ 900 covers all the phones and answering machines that are on the same line!

Hooking up the TeleZapper TZ 900 is a piece of cake. Just plug it into your phone line and then plug your phone into the TZ 900. That’s it. The unit comes with a built-in lithium-ion battery so you don’t even have to worry about batteries.

$40 kicks the telemarketers to the curb and reclaims your family time and your peace of mind.

NOTE: The TeleZapper TZ 900 only works on telemarketers who use auto-dialers. Those who do it the old-fashioned way will be unaffected. Other businesses, such as charities, pollsters, and automated weather systems that use auto-dialers will also be affected. The TZ 900 may occasionally zap a call from people who use certain types of calling cards.

Where can I buy it?
Store: Amazon.com
Price: $40
Buy Now at Amazon.com
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Great post, Marty. I could really use one of these! Virtually don’t answer the phone anymore for the barrage of telemarketing calls. Ratio’s gotta be like 20:1!

Major fan of this blog, a variety of your writes have truly helped me out. Awaiting posts!

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