The 1/2 Mile Driveway Alarm

The 1/2 Mile Driveway Alarm

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The 1/2 Mile Driveway Alarm detects movement up to half a mile away & sounds an indoor alarm, alerting you when a vehicle or person is coming up your driveway.

Who has a driveway half a mile long? That’s more like a runway. If you have a runway leading to your house, and you would like to hear an alarm sound whenever a plane, car, bus, moose or vagrant has stumbled on to it, then the 1/2 Mile Driveway Alarm from Hammacher Schlemmer is the solution to some, if not all of your problems.

The alarm system comes with a motion sensor that detects the movement of vehicle, or people-like objects and can be attached anywhere you like, within reason. You could select something conventional, like a mailbox or a sign. Alternatively, if your driveway is actually half a mile long, then perhaps you could employ someone / buy a slave to stand and hold the sensor at the position of your choice. Better yet, arm ’em and call them “Deterrent”.

The half-mile capability comes, of course, from the sensor’s wireless range. The system supports up to four wireless sensors, each assigned a different, identifiable tone – just in case you have four half-mile long driveways. You’d have to purchase additional sensors, but if you have more than one driveway, you can probably afford it.

You can equip your half-mile long driveway with an alarmed sensor for $179.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer.

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Store: Hammacher Schlemmer
Price: $179.95
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