WRITTEN BY Markie Reichert ON March 28, 2011

Brisbane Tabletop BBQ Makes Charcoal Grilling Portable and Clean

Brisbane Tabletop BBQ

Brisbane Tabletop BBQ

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The Brisbane Tabletop BBQ is a portable, lightweight, outdoor grill that provides the aromas of charcoal grilling without the mess.

There are two gifts newlyweds always want their parents to dish out: a new family car (though we know this is a stretch), and an outdoor barbecue. Well, for the parents among us with less cash to spare, there’s the Brisbane Tabletop BBQ.

This lightweight grill is made of durable steel, can sit on any flat surface and takes regular charcoal without leaving a mess. The Brisbane BBQ is also perfect for college kids with some outdoor space (and reasonable RAs) to accompany their orientation drinking binges. They need to have some food in their stomach, after all! It’s also portable, which has become the true test of convenience. If we can take it with us, it must be easier!

The Brisbane Portable Barbecue can be used just about anywhere and is recommended for camping in particular, since building a fire large enough to cook over is prohibited. In fact, the only place it shouldn’t be used is indoors, so check your child’s IQ before gifting this beauty. £39.99 at IWOOT.

Where can I buy it?
Store: IWOOT
Price: £39.99
Buy Now at IWOOT

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