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Baby Bidou Mp3 Player Delivers Child-Safe Tunes

Baby Bidou Mp3 Player

Baby Bidou Mp3 Player

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The Baby Bidou Mp3 Player is a safe and simple, teddy bear-shaped digital music player that doubles as a cute plastic teddy toy.

Babies get a raw deal in the modern, digital age. They’re left to languish in the analogue world with analogue toys, analogue clothes, analogue food and analogue phones. You can’t buy an iPad for a baby or a toddler, and don’t even think about trying to get hold of a jack-in-the-box that connects to the internet. This awful situation does show signs of abating, however, with the Baby Bidou Mp3 player.

That’s right. It’s an mp3 player for babies. The main reasons you wouldn’t give a baby a standard mp3 player are as follows: 1) they’d choke on any small parts, 2) they’d chew or vomit in any usb connectors, 3) they wouldn’t know how to use them, and 4) normal mp3 players don’t look like baby toys – they look like mummy and daddy toys that need to be snatched and broken in some ridiculous manner that only a baby can achieve.

The Baby Bidou Mp3 Player (and yes, it is as French as it sounds – the pre-loaded songs are only intelligible to French babies) solves each of these barriers to baby mp3 ownership. 1) The whole thing is locked down with screws, so there are no parts a baby can choke on. 2) Yes, you’re going to need to get out your screwdriver every time you need to connect it to your PC via USB. 3) There are large, simple buttons your child will eventually work out how to use, and then one day explain to you. 4) It’s shaped like a teddy bear. I hear babies go nuts for teddy bears.

The Baby Bidou holds up to 32 hours of music, and just two AA batteries are enough to play for that long through its volume-capped speaker and then some. $59.99 is what it takes to get this cute teddy that plays your baby’s favorite songs.

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Store: ThinkGeek
Price: $59.99
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